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Behcet’s Syndrome – Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

What is Behcet’s Syndrome?

Behcet’s syndrome is known to be a triad of symptoms that includes recurring sets of aphthous ulcers or mouth ulcers, genital ulcers, as well as an inflammation of a specific, certain, and specialized area located all around the area of the pupil of the eye which is also known as the uvea and the condition is known as uveitis.

This is a very deadly disease that can easily kill a person who has it if it is not given proper medical treatment quick and as soon as possible. Behcet’s syndrome, or Behcet’s disease, is also known as well as referred to as the Silk Road disease. It is a form of vasculitis which means it is also an inflammation of blood vessels that usually involves our eyes. The reason why it is so deadly and very dangerous is because it can cause a very much complicated and hard rupture or damage to the vascular aneurysms. Other than that, the Behcet’s syndrome is also known to cause several different severe as well as very complicated complications to the brain, which means it has to be treated by a professional immediately to prevent further complications as well as to prevent any worsening of the condition.

Behcet’s Syndrome Symptoms

Behcet’s syndrome only affects a specific part of the body. However, it may spread to more places if the condition itself worsens due to failure of any treatment. Its very own symptoms heavily depend and heavily vary on the specific area and part of the body which is affected by the Behcet’s syndrome. The areas often include some arteries which supplies blood. As said earlier, mouth and genital ulcers are to be expected and are classified as syndromes of the syndrome. They recur in a pattern and are very painful. The ulcer could also be small from a few millimeters to something much bigger than the normal one would be. It could also lead to scars.

The eye can also be inflamed which involves the uvea or the front of the eye which causes uveitis. If the inflammation happens behind the eye or the retina, it causes retinitis and its worst complication is that it could even lead to blindness. These inflammations to the eye can often come with pain, tearing, redness, light sensitivity, and of course a blurred vision.

The arteries may also get themselves inflamed which could lead to death. The blood that passes through the arteries provides the oxygen supply and if they are inflamed, the passage is either getting very tighter and sometimes, completely closed. If the artery is affecting the area of the brain then there is a very high possibility of having a stroke. These inflammations could even lead to death if not taken seriously.

The brain and tissues may also be inflamed which may cause headaches, fever, and stiffness to the neck. Having an inflamed brain can prove to be very dangerous and can render the patient virtually weaker and would have an abnormal control over his or her body. However, it may also lead to something much worse like a coma but these features often occur years following the initial diagnosis prompting the patient to always be alert.

Arthritis is also a known symptom which leads to warmth, pain, swelling, stiffness, and the joints being a little bit tender. Arthritis is a symptom that occurs to almost fifty percent of every patient suffering from Behcet’s syndrome which often occurs at the wrists, elbows, ankles, and knees.

Skin complications may also occur when an inflammation occurs directly pointed at the patient’s own skin. Some spots will appear to be a little tender and raised, as well as to develop reddish nodules or also referred to as erythema nodosum which often occurs at the front side of the legs.

Behcet’s Syndrome Causes

Behcet’s syndrome, as with any other syndrome, ailment, disease, etc. has its very own causes. It does not just appear just like magic. There are several different factors that contribute to the development of Behcet’s syndrome. However, despite its many factors, the definite and accurate cause of Behcet’s syndrome is still very much unknown but there are some other factors that are being researched by many medical minds all over the globe.

Studies and researches have proven and they state that Behcet’s syndrome or Behcet’s disease often occurs more to the people who are Asians and those people in the Middle East. They also say that more men are known to suffer from this syndrome and disease rather than women.

Other researchers also say that there are also other factors that are associated with Behcet’s disease such as pain, heat, swelling, Adamantiades-Behcet disease, redness, and the Triple Symptom Complex. All these are still under research since by learning their causes and by detecting the common causes, it could become the key to finding the cause for Behcet’s syndrome as well.

Behcet’s Syndrome Treatment

Behcet’s syndrome also has its own cure and treatments. However, these treatments and cures heavily depend and vary on the location of the manifestation as well as the severity of the condition experienced by a single individual patient. Steroids, pastes, and creams are known cures for the ulcers occurring to the mouth and the genitals. Taking in Colchine may also prevent these from returning. Drugs that combat arthritis and other non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs and medications can also be taken in. Eye treatment may also be needed along with other required treatments and therapies. However, the worse the condition is, the harder it is to cure. But in any other way you put it, Behcet’s syndrome can be battled and cured by taking in medications without having to resort to more complicated treatments and therapies. Also, always keep in mind that you still need to consult a professional doctor in order for you to choose the best and prescribed cure to help yourself.

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