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Metabolic Syndrome – Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

What is Metabolic Syndrome?

Metabolic syndrome is one of the problems which some obese people with history of cardiac problems in the family may be worrying about. Metabolic syndrome is a cardiac risk which is composed of different other problems which are due to insulin resistance. Most of the times, the target of this health problem are those with family history of the said problem. Also those with type 2 diabetes are more or less to have this metabolic syndrome. Because this is not just the kind of disease which can be resolved in one sitting or one time taking of pill or medicine, it needs a lot of follow up when it comes to treatment. In such case, metabolic syndrome is best approached with due consultation with doctor because the patient will be dealing now with the problem of insulin resistance which means that the body no longer recognizes insulin which should keep the cells carrying the sugar to the different parts of the body. When this happens, the level of insulin then increases.

Metabolic Syndrome Symptoms

Symptoms of metabolic syndrome can easily be determined. The first perhaps of these symptoms is the increase in the insulin level of a person. This is definitely not normal because each person has the natural capability of not absorbing insulin in his body and the moment the body stops form doing so, other cardiac problems happen. This may be the reason why some diabetic people will try to put in insulin to their body in order to maintain their health. However, this may not be possible for those with type two diabetes because their health is now more complicated.

Another symptom of this metabolic syndrome is the increase in weight or the thing about being obese. There is a tendency to gain weight and this may be accompanied with the craving for sweet and foods in general. Although we have the natural tendency to crave food, there is also a case when we certainly cannot control this desire and this can lead to obesity and done too much. However, for the metabolic syndrome, the amazing increase in weight and enlargement of the body may be one of the symptoms of his health problem. The elevated waist measurement is a simple sign of this obesity as well.

Elevated blood pressure and fasting glucose are also a few of the symptoms of metabolic syndrome. When this happens, the person may already feel a bit dizzy because of the rise in the mentioned aspects. This should be given notice as well because some people think that just the only reason for the rise in blood pressure is because they did something tiring r they ate something that might have caused it. More than the monitoring, it should be considered that the blood pressure do not just increase for no reason. If you are a person who commonly have low blood pressure and all of a sudden there is a certain rise, then you should take notice of it.

Reduced “good” cholesterol and the elevated triglycerides are also additional symptoms of the metabolic syndrome which you should take note of. This is one by undergoing tests in order to determine the reduction or rise in the good cholesterol in the body.

Metabolic Syndrome Causes

While metabolic syndrome has been the common problem of those with diabetes, still there is no known cause of the said problem. Sometimes, doctors say that this is already with the kind of lifestyle being lived by an individual. Others say that this is hereditary and runs in the family. So if there is someone who suffers from this kind of problem in your family, then there is already a possibility that you may have it in the future if you do not get to be conscious or monitor your body’s health. Another cause which may be looked at is having sedentary life which makes the body more susceptible to cardiac risks and the compilation of which will result to metabolic syndrome.

Metabolic Syndrome Treatment

Metabolic syndrome just like any other health problem may differ in treatments depending on the symptoms being suffered by the patient and also with the patient’s body condition. Since this health problem is mainly about insulin resistance, what is being treated is the insulin problem basically. One of the most suggested remedies for this is to lose weight and maintain the normal weight that you have which should be according to your age and body height. There is of course a standard to this and in order to treat this problem, a good waist line and weight may help as well.

Metabolic syndrome can also be treated by doing exercise. This is because it keeps the body nit just healthy but also fit to do even the hard activities which will further reduce the risk of heart problem that has a connection with metabolic syndrome problem.

Dietary change is another big factor in treating metabolic syndrome because it is in the food intake that the body becomes obese when not taken in moderation. It is not about depriving of food, instead, taking food in moderation to just get the right nutrition that the body needs. Always remember that whatever excess in the body which is taken often may be too bad. Gluttony on the other hand is just one of the enemies of metabolic syndrome because instead of putting the body in good shape, it only makes the person obese and fat.

Another manner in which to treat this is to reduce alcohol intake because we all know that will just be converted to sugar and the body, once already resisting insulin, it might be harder to take in all these sugar.

While metabolic syndrome may be treated in different manners, still it is suggested that preventing it to happen by exercise and diet would be the best. Metabolic syndrome targets the adult although there are also cases when even young ones have it. Metabolic syndrome is a lifestyle related health problem as well.

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