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Rett Syndrome – Symptoms, Causes, Treatment


What is Rett Syndrome?

Our brain is one of the most complicated parts of our body. So it is just very normal that when it has some problems, disorders, and or complications, it would always be very hard and very difficult to treat and to cure. One of the known most complicated neurodevelopmental disorder which we all know and refer to as Rett syndrome. The Rett syndrome is a syndrome and condition or disorder that affects the so called grey matter of the brain. Studies and research have proven that Rett syndrome mainly affects females more often than males. It may be a disorder of a part of the human brain but it does have some effects on other and more physical parts of the body. Rett syndrome often causes its patient with a decelerated rate of head growth. This means the patient who is suffering from this dreaded disease will show to have a smaller head due to the low head growth that sometimes include microcephaly but only in some several cases. Also, other certain as well as specific clinical features represents a smaller set of feet and hands.

For a more elaborate definition, the so called, Rett syndrome is an X-linked dominant disorder which mainly appears in female. There are only a handful of male people who have this dreaded syndrome. This syndrome often appears during the first six up to eighteen months after the patient’s birth. It will then be followed immediately by some period of stagnation which will then be followed by a rapid and quick regression in both language as well as motor skills. People with Rett syndrome also experiences a gradual loss of most of the important hand uses and is replaced with a stereotyped hand wringing. Sadly, all these promise the patient who has Rett syndrome a lower life span.

For boys, the effects are either more destructive or devastating or it could be less complicated than the one experienced by girls. For some cases, the patient may die before or during childbirth or even in some cases, early infancy. They may also have a lesser effect where the lifespan is longer and the risks are a little lower than the ones experienced than girls.

Rett Syndrome Symptoms

First of all, every single one of the many essential signs as well as symptoms of Rett syndrome appears during the sixth month of a newborn baby patient’s life. Generally, patients affiliated with Rett syndrome experience a very unusual and abnormal slowed growth and development rate. The patient will show to be very smaller than that of a normal child.

Other than that, the patient will not be capable of utilizing the full potential and control of her own two hands. And because of a gradually decreased level of hand control, the patient will obviously have a much decreased ability to either walk and or crawl as any other child would normally do. Bad communication and thinking skills and abilities are also going to be present if a patient has the Rett syndrome. You will also notice that the child will have a rather unusual set of hand movement. Irritation, breathing problems, and some unusual movements of the eye are also known signs as well as symptoms of Rett syndrome.

Also, since the Rett syndrome affects a part of the mind, expect some very abnormal and rather strange and odd movements and actions from the patient. She may suddenly, express long bouts and long amounts of laughter for no reason at all along with some odd and rather strange facial expressions. Reasonless screaming, grasping of hair and other objects, as well as an unusual habit of hand licking are also classified as symptoms of Rett syndrome.

Other signs and symptoms may include seizures which are unique to each patient, scoliosis or also known as an abnormal curvature of the spine, arrhythmia or an irregular heartbeat rate, and even constipation.

All of these signs and symptoms are not only the harbingers of the dreaded Rett syndrome but they too by themselves, prove to be a very deadly threat. Seizures as well as arrhythmia are quite deadly that may take the child’s life.

Rett Syndrome Causes

Rett syndrome, sadly, is caused by a genetic disorder. However, it is not inherited as you may think it is. To make things short, Rett syndrome is a product of a genetic mutation that can cause as well as trigger Rett syndrome that could either be randomly or spontaneously. It happens when the sperm are created and following conception or in other words, after the sperm and egg come and join together. The same causes and factors also apply to boys with Rett syndrome but remember, Rett syndrome in males are often very rare.

Rett Syndrome Treatment

Rett syndrome is a condition that had already killed a whole lot of people all over the years. Rett syndrome also prevents many of its patients from living well and properly. However, there is one sad fact about it. Until today, despite our great and modern technology, even the greatest medical minds on earth still fail to find a cure for Rett syndrome. This means that anyone with Rett syndrome have low chances of getting completely cured.

But there is one way for the poor people who are infected with this dreadful syndrome to live a little bit longer and better. Instead of finding a cure that will end the syndrome they will just have to learn on how to get used to its side-effects and conditions. Medications that will combat its conditions are very useful in a longer life but will not remove the syndrome at all. But always remember that medical help from professional doctors and experts are going to be important in the later years. Besides, it never hurts to ask help from a professional doctor when the time comes.

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