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Stevens Johnson Syndrome – Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

A gift of life is very important. That is why it is very essential to take care of our health and to protect our life from any radicals on this earth. Getting sick is one of the most worrisome experience that a person may have. It is so hard to get sick, thus it would be of great help if any manifestations of any medical condition should be attended immediately. Having a healthy lifestyle is also important to maintain good health condition.

There are various diseases and illnesses that a person may be exposed to. That is why every one should be aware of the symptoms and manifestations and in case of getting in clueless situation, it is significant to consult a medical doctor immediately. Stevens-Johnson syndrome is one of the most dreadful diseases that need to be given medical attention.

What is Stevens Johnson Syndrome?

Stevens-Johnson syndrome is a very rare skin disorder. It is a serious condition wherein the skin and mucous membranes react intensely to an infection or even to a medication. This serious skin condition is life threatening. Under this medical condition, skin cell dies and causes the epidermis gets away from the dermis.

During the early years, Stevens-Johnson syndrome is known to be the severe manifestation of “erythema multiforme”. Erythema multiforme is a disorder in the skin that is being caused by an infection or allergic reaction. However there are some disagreements in the literature which further distinguished Stevens-Johnson syndrome from erythema multiforme. This means that the two have different manifestations.

The Stevens-Johnson syndrome normally affects the skin and mucous membrane however, it has also been recorded that there are some manifestations in oral, eye, nasal, urethral, vaginal, lower respiratory tract and gastro intestine.

Many people affected by Steven-Johnson syndrome face serious illness and other complications. Most of the cases of Steven-Johnson syndrome is morbid and in some cases lead to death. People affected by this disease also experience severe pain and may live a very distressed life. It is also worth to note that it is also very common that this disease has been misdiagnosed.

Men and women of all ages may get affected by Stevens-Johnson syndrome, although this is very common in older generation. The reason behind is that older people are exposed more to drugs that are being associated with the disease. AIDS victims are also at the higher risk of having this disease.

Having a complete knowledge about Stevens-Johnson syndrome may help people to be aware of the onsets of this disease. Early detection of having this disease could make a big difference compared to late detection.

There are various foundations that have been organized for Stevens-Johnson syndrome. These foundations aim to give public awareness about the disease. Some are also giving updates on different types of drugs that may cause adverse reactions. They are providing full information relative to different reactions of drugs so that the public may have full knowledge of the risk to take if a certain drug needs to be taken without any recourse. Continuous medical researches are also being undertaken by different foundations relative to this disease.

As people being affected by Stevens-Johnson syndrome face anxieties and emotional burdens, there are various foundations that have been set to give emotional support to the people affected by this disease. These foundations help the patients live a normal life to best they can.

Stevens Johnson Syndrome Symptoms

It is worth to note the different symptoms that may be present to a person being affected by Stevens-Johnson syndrome, as early detection will be of great help. These symptoms are really hard to associate with the disease, but worth to consider to be correlated with the disease to avoid further complications.

Cough, headaches and fever are just a few of the so many symptoms that can be associated with Stevens-Johnson syndrome. These early common illnesses may be followed by red rashes on the face as well as on the trunk. These rashes will then be continued to spread to other parts of the body. As you will notice, these rashes will turn into blisters coming from different areas lie the mouth, the eyes and even vaginal area. In some cases, the epidermis peels off from the dermis as well as the nails and hair may also fall out. People suffering from the disease may become cold and comes out with fever.

Other symptoms like dry eyes, sores in the mouth, blaring and other vision problems, eye burning, itching and eye discharge are safe to be given outmost consideration to relate with Stevens-Johnson syndrome.

Stevens Johnson Syndrome Causes

Stevens-Johnson syndrome may be caused by infections, medication or drugs and sometime genetics.

Some of the infections that may cause Stevens-Johnson syndrome may include influenza, diphtheria, HIV, hepatitis, herpes and hepatitis.

Medications or drugs may also lead to Stevens-Johnson syndrome. Normally anti-gout medications may cause this disease. Every one should also be aware that NSAIDs or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that are commonly used as pain reliever may also lead to Stevens-Johnson syndrome. Drugs that are being used to treat infections like penicillins and anticonvulsants drugs that are used to cure seizures will most likely cause Stevens-Johnson syndrome.

In some areas, it has been revealed that Stevens-Johnson syndrome can be acquired genetically.

Stevens-Johnson syndrome needs to be addressed properly and needs to be attended at the earliest possible time. This will lead to more serious complications like sepsis, damage to internal organs, eye problems and permanent skin damage.

Stevens Johnson Syndrome Treatment

While Stevens-Johnson syndrome is a serious medical condition, people affected by this should not lose hope as there are various treatments that can be done to lighten the burden if not totally healed.

Having this disease needs immediate medical help and the patient needs to be hospitalized immediately. In fact most of the cases should be referred to intensive care unit while in some hospitals people affected by this disease are being admitted in the burn unit.

It is very important to stop immediately taking the drugs or medications that cause Stevens-Johnson syndrome. Normally the doctors are recommending putting a stop on all medication intakes to help in ruling out the real causes of the disease

Treatment of infections should also be done to arrest the problem. Some supportive treatments like intravenous fluid replacement and controlling the pain through other means may also apply. Skin bristles and lesions are being treated like treating skin burns. Topical application of anesthesia, mouthwash and alike can be taken by the patient to help in pain reduction.

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